MTV Skateboarder -- Underage, Overpaid

9/5/2009 2:47 AM PDT

MTV Skateboarder -- Underage, Overpaid

Before he even got his high school diploma, MTV skateboarding star Ryan Sheckler was already pullin' in more cash more than most college grads.

TMZ obtained his official MTV contract -- filed with the courts back in '07 because he was a minor. The docs show that when Sheckler was 17-years-old, dude was making $9,617.70 an episode for his reality show "Life of Ryan."

The docs had to be signed by his guardian and the president of his company, Ryan Sheckler Inc -- both of whom happen to be his mom.

But Ryan wasn't the only kid from his family cashin' in -- his brothers Kane and Shane also got paid for their sidekick roles, each were $1,500 a show.

Not a bad gig for a couple of kids.