Taylor Lautner Wants a Double Banger

10/11/2009 8:00 AM PDT

Taylor Lautner Wants a Double Banger

Taylor Lautner once demanded a "double banger" in his TV contract -- and while a "DB" involves undressing next to another person, it's not nearly as saucy as it sounds.

TMZ obtained the minor's contract from the actor's gig on the now-defunct NBC show "My Own Worst Enemy" -- and according to the docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court, dude had one chuckle-worthy request.

In the contract, Taylor specifically asks for "at least one-half of a double banger" for a dressing room -- industry slang for a trailer divided down the middle for two actors to share.

Now to the money -- according to the docs, the "Twilight" actor pulled in $10,000 an episode ... not too shabby.

Too bad the show was canceled after just nine episodes.