Man Gets DUI on La-Z-Boy-Mobile

10/22/2009 3:29 PM PDT

Man Gets DUI on La-Z-Boy-Mobile

How lazy do you gotta be to get a DUI without ever getting off your La-Z-Boy???

A 61-year-old dude named Dennis LeRoy was just sentenced to 180 days in jail after cops say he got wasted at a Minnesota bar last year and tried to drive home on his suped-up piece of living room furniture.

The La-Z-booze-mobile was equipped with a cup-holder, radio, headlight and a National Hot Rod Association sticker. It was powered by a converted lawn-mower.

Cops say on August 31,2008, LeRoy pounded around 8 or 9 beers, left the bar, mounted his chair-mobile -- which is capable of speeds up to 20 MPH -- and crashed into a "real car" on the way back to his home.

LeRoy was given field sobriety tests ... but cops say he "failed everything."

The La-Z-Boy driver can avoid jail time if he completes two years of supervised probation -- which includes completing a chemical dependency program, random testing and 30 days of electronic monitoring.