Dr. Conrad Murray's Patients -- No Fear

11/23/2009 4:45 PM PST

Dr. Conrad Murray's Patients -- No Fear

Dr. Conrad Murray's patients aren't gonna let a little something like the death of Michael Jackson keep them from seeing the good doc ... in fact, most of them couldn't be happier.

Since Dr. Murray is now back in business, we called a few of his patients to see if they were just a lil' skittish.

Jack Hammond, told us Dr. Murray saved his life twice in the last ten years ... and he "couldn't be more excited."

Everyone else we spoke to was just as upbeat. Eliza Robertson said she had already seen Dr. Murray and would "recommend him to any of my friends."

We could go on ... but you get the point ... Dr. Murray isn't losing any business because of MJ. And he needs the business.