Michael Jackson's Brother Wants Estate To Pay

1/21/2010 11:00 PM PST

Michael Jackson's Brother Wants Estate To Pay

Michael Jackson's brother, Randy Jackson, is in the middle of a creditor's claim filed against the estate and according to legal docs ... Randy is on the side of the creditor.

Stabler & Associates, a company that claims it was hired to handle Michael Jackson's business matters -- in particular, a humongous Bank of America loan and the funding of his 2004 child molestation trial -- claims the estate owes the company $275,446.08.

Here's the problem. The statute of limitations has run on the debt. But Perry Wander, lawyer for Stabler & Associates, tells TMZ the company relied on Michael and Randy's repeated promises that the debt would be paid, so the estate should not be able to raise the technical, statute of limitations defense.

Howard Weitzman, lawyer for Michael Jackson's estate, is unmoved, telling TMZ, "The claim needs to be investigated and it appears to be barred by the statute of limitations."

And this is interesting ... included in the $275,446.08 -- a late penalty of $81,946.08.

And you thought credit card interest was high.