Nightmare on Wes Craven's Street? Not So Much

1/31/2010 10:45 AM PST

Nightmare on Wes Craven's Street? Not So Much

Think of all the nightmare scenarios that went through the minds of the cops who were called to Wes Craven's house on Thursday -- zombies, serial killers, swamp creatures, Eddie Murphy -- but alas, it was all for nothing.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the alarm at Craven's Hollywood Hills home went off Thursday. We're told when cops arrived, Craven had no clue the alarm had even gone off and the coast was completely clear.

Just to be safe, cops are looking to question an undead suspect who has a disfigured face, wears a red and dark green striped sweater with a brown fedora, and sports a metal-clawed brown leather glove.

He is considered armed and extremely dangerous.