Conrad Murray Agrees to Propofol Ban

4/9/2010 4:15 PM PDT

Conrad Murray Agrees to Propofol Ban

The Texas Medical Board
has officially prohibited Dr. Conrad Murray from administering Propofol or other heavy sedatives, TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story that Dr. Murray agreed to the restriction, which mirrors one of the conditions to Dr. Murray's bail in connection with the death of Michael Jackson.

Aside from administering Propofol, Dr. Murray is banned from administering other heavy sedative medications and can't put patients under. He is still able to prescribe other medications, including pain meds, anti-anxiety medication or local or topical anesthetics.

According to a rep for the Texas Medical Board, the license restrictions will remain in effect until the criminal case is resolved and "the Board has adequate evidence to show that Dr. Murray is competent to safely practice medicine."