Seagal Witness: Steven Never Touched Accuser

4/25/2010 4:45 AM PDT

Seagal Witness: Steven Never Touched Accuser

Ray Charles' granddaughter is under attack from the legendary singer's former band member -- a man who claims he can prove Blair Robinson never had an inappropriate encounter with Steven Seagal.

TMZ spoke with Damien Ross -- a longtime friend of Ray's who claims he set up a meeting between Blair and Seagal at a Memphis hotel back in 2004, so Seagal could interview her for a personal assistant position.

As we previously reported, Blair signed a sworn declaration in support of Kayden Nguyen's lawsuit against Seagal -- in which Blair claims Seagal followed her to her hotel room and expected "sexual favors." Blair claims she told her mom about the encounter and left the next day.

But Ross claims Blair never had a hotel room where Seagal was staying -- and insists he was present with Blair during her entire 10-15 minute encounter with the actor. Ross also claims Blair and Seagal were never alone.

Seagal's lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ, "Ms. Robinson was never employed by Steven Seagal and never received any compensation from any entity even though she claimed to have worked more than six years ago for my client."

In her sworn declaration, Blair claims her mother called Ross immediately after the incident  -- informed him about the situation -- and instructed Ross to help Blair get home.

But Ross claims that never happened either and tells us, "If her mother would've called me that night and told me what had happened i would have kicked his ass myself."

We called Blair for comment, who tell us, "Damien was not in every meeting I had with Seagal."

She also maintains that she did have a room at Seagal's hotel -- and he did enter her room while she was alone.