Clark Gable's Tomb Vandalized with a Kiss

6/6/2010 7:00 AM PDT

Clark Gable's Tomb -- Vandalized with a Kiss

Clark Gable's marble tomb at Forest Lawn Cemetery has been so badly damaged it needs a total overhaul -- and it's all because one adoring fan couldn't keep her lips to herself.

TMZ spoke with John Clark Gable -- the famous actor's son -- who tells us he noticed the smooch last month during a visit to the mausoleum.

Gable tells us that the lipstick bandit has struck several times in the past -- but they've always been able to easily wipe off the mark ... that is, until now.  This time, the stain is so bad, Forest Lawn had to dispatch their in-house marble repair team to fix the damage.

Gable also noted that his father is entombed in the same mausoleum as Michael Jackson -- and warns that if MJ fans are allowed into the place, they could accidentally damage some of the surrounding tombs.

As for the Lipstick Bandit -- Gable tells us security will "keep an eye out" in case she strikes again.