Debbie Rowe, Marc Schaffel Wing It to Tokyo

6/23/2010 12:40 PM PDT

Debbie Rowe, Marc Schaffel Wing It to Tokyo

TMZ was at LAX yesterday when Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson's former confidante Marc Schaffel boarded an American Airlines flight to Tokyo.

The two are tight, and Schaffel apparently still has strong connections to the Jackson family, even though MJ and Schaffel had a major falling out and ended up suing each other.

Schaffel shot an interview with Katherine recently to promote her book, "Never Can Say Goodbye."

Rowe was mum at LAX, but Schaffel said he's been friends with Katherine for a long time.

As for why they're heading to Tokyo ... we're told Schaffel is releasing a documentary video he shot while he was working with Jackson.  It will play on 200 screens in Tokyo.