MJ Estate Wins Partial Victory in Concert Suit

7/2/2010 7:30 PM PDT

MJ Estate Wins Partial Victory in Concert Suit

The company suing the Michael Jackson estate for $300 million over the Jackson family concert that never took place just got two strikes against it, and the pitcher was a federal judge.

The judge on Tuesday threw out two of the three claims AllGood Entertainment filed against the estate, AEG and Frank Dileo.

The suit claims Dileo, MJ's alleged former manager, made a deal with AllGood that Michael would perform at a Jackson Family concert before doing any other gigs.  By launching the London series of concerts, AllGood claims Jackson breached his deal and cost AllGood a bundle.

But a federal judge ruled AllGood's claim for fraud and tortious interference (i.e., intermeddling) was bogus.  All that is left of the lawsuit is a breach of contract claim.

The estate claims Dileo never had authority to make a deal with AllGood.