Bobby Fischer's Alleged Daughter -- Checkmate

7/6/2010 5:53 PM PDT

Bobby Fischer's Alleged Daughter -- Checkmate

Forget DNA -- The U.S. Chess Federation has an even better way to determine if Bobby Fischer is the daddy of a 9-year-old Filipino girl -- see how good she is in the checkmate department.

Jim Berry, president of the U.S. Chess Federation, tells TMZ chess is a skill that can be inherited -- and the chess community is abuzz with talk about the little girl's possible telltale talent.

Berry adds, "I would like to see her tested to see if she possesses the same abilities that Bobby did at a young age."

Berry says even though the girl was born in the Philippines, she can still end up playing for the U.S. team ... but she'll have to make a serious move (as in location) to make that happen.