MJ Mausoleum -- Who's Ready for Yoga?!

8/3/2010 10:35 AM PDT

Michael Jackson Mausoleum -- Who's Ready for Yoga?!

MJ's mausoleum is about to be penetrated by a busload of hardcore Yoga enthusiasts ... and TMZ has learned Forest Lawn is welcoming them with open arms.

According to sources at the cemetery, the followers of Paramahansa Yogananda (pictured top right) -- a famous Indian guru and yogi who died almost 60 years ago -- plan to visit their master's crypt today for a prayer ritual ... and his crypt happens to be inside the same mausoleum where MJ resides.

The problem -- the Great Mausoleum has been on lockdown mode for months -- thanks to some overzealous MJ fans -- with the cemetery threatening to remove Jacko-holics by force if they're caught anywhere near the building.

But we're told since Yogananda's followers have been doing their prayer thing in the mausoleum for years -- and have never caused a problem -- they're cool to enter the area.

However, according to our sources, MJ's tomb will be covered with a screen during the spiritual visit -- and get this ... it's all because security is afraid a few crazed MJ fans could pose as yoga enthusiasts ... just to sneak into the mausoleum.