Fired Nurse: Tiger Woods Is Key in Hospital Cover-Up

1/24/2011 7:13 PM PST

Fired Nurse: Tiger Woods Is Key in Hospital Cover-Up

The nurse fired for allegedly leaking Tiger Woods' medical records last year claims Tiger is partly to blame for his newfound unemployment -- spurring a massive hospital cover-up that cost him his job.

Nurse David Rothenberg -- who claims he's innocent -- filed new docs last Friday in his ongoing legal battle against the hospital that fired him ... insisting pressure from Tiger's side "may in fact be the motivation that led [the hospital] to severely punish" him.

According to the docs, Tiger's fame is "central to Mr. Rothenberg's claims that [the hospital] is engaged in a continuing cover-up" -- because if Tiger weren't a big name ... the hospital wouldn't have made such a stink about the records being leaked in the first place.

David claims the hospital is using him as a scapegoat to cover up the true reason for the leak -- the "lack of basic computer security for [the hospital's] patient health care system and the behavior of numerous doctors ... who inappropriately accessed [Tiger's] health care information."

As we previously reported, David is suing for defamation ... demanding $400,000 in damages.