Conrad's Ex: He Cared More About CASH Than MJ

2/4/2011 4:30 PM PST

Conrad's Ex: He Cared More About CASH Than MJ

Dr. Conrad Murray's ex-GF -- the one who claims she was on the phone with Murray while MJ was dying -- believes Conrad only agreed to become Michael's doctor so he could pay off the women in his life.

Sade Anding sat down for another on-camera interview this week -- and explained, "He took a big part in being Michael's doctor ... but I feel he didn't just take it as being his friend, he also took it as in after finding out all these different girls, and his lifestyle, he took it as in the money to help him out as well."

She added, "[Murray] was more thinking of how the money can help him and how it can change him and give him the life that he wants ... instead of really worrying about the main person and why you're having the job ... which is Michael."

As we previously reported, Murray has been linked to multiple women around the time of MJ's death -- and has had ongoing legal issues for failing to pay child support.