Paris -- Burglars PAWNED My EXPENSIVE Jewelry

4/11/2011 11:45 AM PDT

Paris -- Burglars PAWNED My EXPENSIVE Jewelry

If you're in the market for some authentic USED Paris Hilton jewelry -- check your local pawn shop ... because the Burglar Bunch HOCKED all of the super-expensive stuff they stole from her house ... so says the heiress.

Paris and her BF Cy Waits were on their way in to Boa last night ... when PH told us, "[The Burglar Bunch] pawned everything that was real ... they only gave me back the costume stuff."

It's a BIG STATEMENT -- because just last week, Hilton was sued by an insurance company for not returning $60,000 in jewelry she borrowed from Damiani Jewellers back in 2007 ... jewelry that was jacked from Hilton's home by the Burglar Bunch. 

The company thinks Hilton is LYING about not being in possession of the bling -- because they believe cops recovered the Damiani pieces and gave it back to Paris ... who then FAILED to give it back to Damiani.

The company also alleges Hilton agreed to keep the jewelry in a safe when she wasn't wearing it ... but instead of locking it up, Paris simply tucked it away in her closet.

The company is seeking $60,000 in damages.