8/3/2011 8:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live -- Is Casey Anthony Really in Danger

Does Casey Anthony REALLY have to fear for her safety ... and would any guy actually "do" her now? Psycho Mike from "Loveline" and "Dancing With the Stars" helped answer those tough question. Plus, why would any company want The Situation as a spokesperson? And ... Mike reveals Harvey's workout habits!

(0:00) Charles and Dax are joined today by Psycho Mike -- of "Loveline" and "Dancing with the Stars" fame!
(4:30) TMZ obtained the first pics of Casey Anthony since her release from jail and she looks ... er, top heavy.
(5:45) Is Casey really in danger?
(8:00) So, would Mike sleep with Casey?
(22:45) Mike and Charles unveil their incredibly sly ways of asking Casey if she killed her daughter. Real smooth, fellas.
(31:30) Breaking news ... Casey catches a big break.
(35:00) The Situation just signed a HUGE deal to pimp tuxedos ... so yeah, we're never getting rid of this guy.
(41:00) Gary and Mike share disses.
(42:10) Mike had some issues with his package on "DWTS."
(49:10) Mike goes to the same gym at Harvey ... so he gives us the inside scoop on what the boss man is like in the weight room.