The Monkees Don't Blame US for MAJOR Tour Screwup!

8/9/2011 5:30 PM PDT

The Monkees -- Don't Blame Us For Tour Screwup

The Monkees ain't too busy to put anybody down these days ... because they're coming out swinging against the people they blame for screwing up the rest of their concert tour.

Earlier today, the band announced they would be canceling the remaining 9 dates on their U.S. tour ... but they wouldn't explain why.

Now, TMZ has spoken with a rep for drummer/ lead vocalist Micky Dolenz -- who tells us, "Management had booked a number of dates with the venues without running them by the group first ... so we had to cancel the remaining dates."

The rep adds, "Micky is disappointed but his solo tour is still going strong for the rest of the year."

There are rumors that the tour was canceled because Micky had checked himself into rehab for a substance abuse problem -- but the rep tells us it's total BS ... saying, "It has nothing to do with any sort of substance abuse whatsoever."

We tried getting in contact with the main person responsible for booking the tour -- but we were advised by his company that the man "no longer works here anymore."