Esai Morales Involved In a Rear-Ending On Sunset Blvd.

8/21/2011 3:30 AM PDT

Esai Morales -- Involved in a Rear-Ending on Sunset Blvd.

Esai Morales got himself a new hit over at Nickelodeon Studios this week ... where the "Caprica" star allegedly smashed his Hummer into the back of another car.

According to an eye witness, Morales was driving on Sunset Blvd. on Wednesday when he crashed into a Saturn that was stopped at the time.

We're told no one was injured in the wreck and the Saturn only sustained minor damage. The witness tells us she recognized Morales and tried to tell the other driver he'd just been hit by a celeb ... but Esai told her to pipe down because, "He'll think I'm rich."

We're told no cops were called and both sides exchanged info and parted amicably.