TMZ Live Do Reality Stars Deserve A Star on the Walk of Fame?

8/26/2011 9:45 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Reality Stars BANNED from Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hookers and homeless people will NEVER get the chance to pee on Snooki and Kim Kardashian -- well, at least their stars -- because the honchos behind the Hollywood Walk of Fame have banned them from being immortalized on the street -- unfair ... or sweet justice??

And, Kris Humpries has the AUDACITY to wear shorts and a baseball cap to a romantic dinner in Italy -- so the debate rages ... is there a vacation dress code?? Plus, If Casey Anthony somehow became a top-flight criminal lawyer -- Mike says he would hire her ... but only IF...

(0:00) A new photo of Steve Jobs surfaces -- and it's heartbreaking.
(4:40) Casey Anthony is gonna get her learn on -- Mike explains why.
(7:05) If Casey became a really good attorney -- would you EVER hire her to defend you?
(14:20) Harvey was good friends with Johnny Cochran -- but the way Johnnie defended O.J. Simpson bothered Harvey.
(20:10) The Hollywood Walk of Fame says "Hell to the No" to reality stars ... even though Lassie and Kermit have stars.
(29:12) Harvey -- and definitely not a Twitter follower -- makes a GREAT point about the walk of fame.
(29:50) Dax's "wettest dream."
(33:50) The great debate -- when can men wear shorts?
(43:10) Charlie Sheen -- one step closer to his master family plan.