TMZ Live Nancy & Chaz -- Ready to Dance? DWTS Alum Jeff Ross Sounds Off

8/29/2011 10:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live 8/29/11: Nancy Grace and Chaz Bono, DWTS Disasters?

Comedian Jeff Ross co-hosted with Harvey and Charles today -- and uncorked one of the funniest/most awkward moments in TMZ Live history ... when the chick who punched Matthew Fox called us.

Plus, Chaz Bono and Nancy Grace suiting up for "Dancing with the Stars" -- disaster waiting to happen ... or a bold move we should be applauding?

And, Jeff explains how Harvey landed a spot on Charlie Sheen's Comedy Central roast ... and why he thinks Harv will be a huge hit.

(0:00) Comedian Jeff Ross -- who's roasting Charlie Sheen along with Harvey -- is here to co-host!
(1:05) The story of how Harvey got roped into the roast.
(4:05) Steve-O got thrown out of a roast a few years back ... for PEEING on stage. Jeff has the inside scoop.
(7:10) "Lost" actor Matthew Fox allegedly attacks a women during a drunken night out -- Mike has the latest.
(10:00) Fox's alleged victim calls in.
(17:15) Jeff cracks a joke that leaves EVERYONE speechless.
(22:00) Chaz Bono is tapped for "Dancing with the Stars" -- and Jeff is genuinely proud Chaz was picked for the show.
(28:50) Viewers takes sides of the Chaz situation -- and one takes a shot at Jeff. Don't worry, he'll be fine.
(41:00) Beyonce is pregnant -- meanwhile, her sister got in trouble thanks to a giant inflatable banana. Can't make this up.