TMZ Live T.I.'s Attorney It's the Prison's Fault!

9/8/2011 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live 9/8/11 -- T.I.'s Attorney Blames Bureau of Prisons for Tour Bus Controversy

T.I.'s attorney calls in to explain what REALLY happened on the rapper's tour bus ride to a halfway house -- and calls out prison officials for keeping silent.

Plus, Casey Anthony's parents think her seizures could be responsible for Caylee's death -- but no one is buying their far-fetched theory.

And, The Game joins us to set the record straight on his closeted gays/AIDS rant -- but doesn't want to "climb on the same branch" as Harvey. You'll have to watch to figure that out.

(0:00) Rough start for Charles.
(4:30) T.I.'s attorney is on the phone -- and blames the Bureau of Prisons for the rapper's re-incarceration.
(6:30) Who was on the bus with T.I.?
(7:50) Looks like T.I. is stuck in prison.
(15:30) Reese Witherspoon was jogging when she got hit by a car -- so the argument ... are joggers partially to blame for these type of accidents?
(26:05) Harvey and Charles try to figure out what the hell The Game was talking about during his closeted gay/AIDS rant.
(34:30) The Game calls in to set the record straight.
(39:10) The Game does NOT want to climb the same branch as Harvey.
(43:10) Casey Anthony's parents believe a may be to blame for Caylee's death -- Mike explains.
(47:10) Nobody's buying it.