TMZ Live Why 'Men' CRUSHED 'Dancing' In the Ratings War

9/20/2011 10:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live 9/20/11 -- "Two and a Half Men" Crushes "Dancing with the Stars" in the Ratings

The "Two and a Half Men" season premiere DESTROYED "Dancing with the Stars" in the ratings -- and the Charlie Sheen hype machine ... not Ashton Kutcher ... is to thank for it.

And, Harvey thinks Chaz Bono is "the heat" on "DWTS" -- and Chaz proved it by unveiling his TOPLESS man body for all to see. Plus, West Hollywood bans fur sales -- so we go live to ritzy Rodeo Drive .... where an uninformed fur-lover states her case.

(3:40) Ashton Kutcher's big debut on "Two and a Half Men" -- seriously mixed reviews.
(6:30) How did "Men" kill "Dancing" in the ratings?
(9:01) Why no "Metta World Peace" last night? Mike has some inside information.
(11:20) Chaz Bono -- "the heat" on "DWTS" -- and he proved it by unveiling his topless body for all to see. 
(19:30) Elisabetta Canalis shoved George Clooney down our throats ... and Dax is the only person defending the move.
(21:30) Charlie's getting over $120 mil from Warner Bros. for "Men" -- and in related news ... Brooke Mueller went shopping.
(30:40) West Hollywood BANS the sale of fur -- so Jason breaks down the brutality that pelt animals suffer in the name of fashion.
(37:02) We go live to Rodeo Drive -- where Harvey opens a pro-fur woman's eyes about the industry.
(45:01) Just face it ... fur isn't worth it.