Soap Hunk's Producer Responds WE WERE LOVERS

9/25/2011 1:40 PM PDT

Soap Hunk's Producer Responds -- WE WERE LOVERS

The producer who is being sued by soap star Victor Alfieri claims she was just joking when she asked him to send her a pic of his privates -- and says the two were in an "intimate relationship" until Alfieri broke it off and ran off with her money.

Adriana Trevino claims she began working with Alfieri on a movie in June 2010 and their relationship began around the same time. Trevino says Alfieri wanted to keep their relationship secret, which she did, until she heard that Alfieri was telling the crew of their movie that she was obsessed with him.

Trevino says she came clean about the relationship and as soon as she did ... she says Alfieri withdrew the rest of her investment in the movie from the bank. She says he disconnected his phone and disappeared.

As for his claims Trevino was somehow involved in landing his mom in the hospital, she says the mother and her were quite close. Trevino says she went to the mother when Alfieri disappeared, and when the mother tried and failed to get a hold of her son ... she had to be rushed to the hospital.

She explains the penis pic request ... saying Alfieri mentioned sending her a pic and she was merely asking for what she was offered.

Trevino says she's planning to sue for slander.