Dr. Conrad Murray's Lawyer MJ Had Plenty of Time To Kill Himself

10/12/2011 2:50 PM PDT

Conrad Murray Lawyer: Michael Had Plenty of Time to Kill Himself

Dr. Conrad Murray
's attorneys are trying to change doctor's story, trying to convince jurors that Michael Jackson had way more than 2 minutes to self-administer the fatal dose of Propofol.

Murray's attorney J. Michael Flanagan suggested in court today -- perhaps the 2-minute window Murray described in his infamous police interview wasn't so accurate.  Murray told cops he left to pee, and when he came back Michael wasn't breathing.

The problem with Murray's statement -- it's improbable that during the 2-minute window, MJ woke up, grabbed the Propofol and shot it into the port in his leg.

So ... during his cross-examination of cardiologist Alon Steinberg, Flanagan said ... "Let's assume Dr. Murray was gone for a period of time longer than two minutes ... maybe it was ten ... fifteen ... twenty ... what is it about [MJ] that makes him savable?"

Here's the reality. In the hour before Murray began resuscitating MJ, Murray was on the phone for around 45 minutes.  As we've previously reported, cops never believed Murray was out of the room for only 2 minutes.  They think he left to make his calls.  Apparently, this theory is also palatable to the defense, because it gives MJ time to awaken and inject. 

The question -- will the jury buy the new version?