TMZ Live Penn State Scandal Full Investigation Demanded

11/14/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Penn State Scandal -- Full Investigation Demanded

Was there a concerted effort to coverup Jerry Sandusky's alleged child sex abuse scandal at Penn State? That's what Pennsylvania state legislator Scott Conklin wants to know. He joined us today and answered this question: Why not fire Mike McQueary?

Plus, the Conrad Murray documentary reveals behind the scenes lawyer fights ... and big tears from Conrad. And maybe that's the problem -- did the doc love Michael Jackson too much?

(0:45) If PSU fired Joe Paterno over the Jerry Sandusky scandal, why haven't they gotten rid of Mike McQueary?
(3:45) Pennsylvania state legislator Scott Conklin is on the phone -- and demands a "full investigation" into the scandal.
(4:45) Conklin doesn't think you can have a cover up of this size without "elected officials" being involved.
(8:00) Conklin believe the close-nit, "good ol' boy" mentality at PSU was responsible for sweeping this under the rug.
(18:00) Unbelievable ... Jerry Sandusky -- who's out on bail -- is free to roam the country. Why?
(23:20) Kendall Jenner got a $90k truck for her 16th birthday -- does such overindulgence fail to teach teens responsibility?
(26:35) Which generation pampers themselves too much?
(32:05) Story time ... Harvey was threatened by an alleged mafia member after a car crash in Florida!
(39:01) The Conrad Murray documentary -- crazy is so many ways ... but especially when Murray professes his love for MJ.