Chris Tucker Dumps TWO Florida Mansions

12/11/2011 12:55 AM PST

Chris Tucker Dumps TWO Florida Mansions

Chris Tucker is cutting his losses -- shedding two massive homes in Florida to help dig himself out of his financial hole ... TMZ has learned.

Tucker got lucky with the first property -- an 8,861 square foot, 5-bedroom waterfront home in Lake County -- successfully negotiating a short sale before the bank planned to foreclose on it last month.

Chris' bank accepted a $2 million bid for the house -- satisfying the actor's debt -- even though he allegedly owed $4.4 million on the property before selling it. Considering Tucker bought the place for $6 million, it was a great deal for whoever just snatched it off the market.

In October, Tucker sold the other Florida pad for $1,050,000 ... much less than his $1.5 million asking price.

But any money is good money at this point -- as we previously reported, Tucker still allegedly owes Uncle Sam $11.5 million in back taxes. Good thing they're making another "Friday."