Hollywood Arson Suspect Placed On Suicide Watch

1/4/2012 12:10 PM PST

Hollywood Arson Suspect Harry Burkhart -- Placed On Suicide Watch

L.A. arson suspect Harry Burkhart -- who was arrested Monday in connection with over 50 fires set in the Hollywood area since last week -- has been placed on suicide watch ... this according to the L.A. Times.

It's unclear what Burkhart said during the interrogation process that resulted in the suicide watch.

According to the report ... Burkhart has refused to cooperate with authorities in the interrogation -- saying nothing whatsoever about the fires.

When he did speak, sources tell the Times, Burkhart went on anti-American rants, blasting law enforcement.

2:17 PM PT: Harry has just been charged with 37 felony counts of arson -- 28 counts of arson of property and 9 counts of arson of an inhabited structure. He's scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon.

According to the D.A., Burkhart used a device "designed to accelerate the fire" -- a serious allegation that, if true, would mean even more prison time for Burkhart.