Honey Badger Face Behind the Viral Video Superstar Revealed!!

1/25/2012 6:38 AM PST

Honey Badger -- Voice and Face Behind the Viral Video Superstar Revealed!

Nothing can stop the Honey Badger -- or at least the voice of  the YouTube sensation -- from revealing his face, and we all know why ... because "Honey Badger don't give a s**t!"

TMZ got video of Randall -- the man whose hysterical voiceover brought HB to life. While the Badger's voice racked up more than 30 million Internet views ... Randall avoided the spotlight.

So, why go public now? Randall's in Hollywood hocking his new book -- yes, the Honey Badger can write too -- and there's even an animated TV show in the works. Guess he really is pretty badass. 

Checkout our video to finally put a face to that famous voice. By the way, it's pretty clear Randall is still not 100% comfortable with the spotlight.