TMZ Live Heidi & Seal's Split The Great Conspiracy Theory

1/26/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Heidi and Seal Separation -- Real Deal or Conspiracy?

Is Heidi Klum really pulling the trigger on her marriage -- or did someone on the grassy knoll concoct a diabolical divorce scheme to help Seal sell records? For once, Harvey isn't the one screaming ... conspiracy!

Plus, Pat Sajak admits he was boozing hard during before "Wheel of Fortune" tapings -- but he isn't the only person who got lit up on television. Right, Harvey?

(6:10) Ashton Kutcher parties while his ex Demi Moore is holed up in the hospital -- should he be by her side?
(7:00) John says Ashton can party all he wants -- and thinks Ashton could make things worse by coming back.
(13:20) Mike's theory -- Demi doesn't want him around.
(18:20) Charles' conspiracy theory about Heidi and Seal's separation -- Inspector Dax is on the case!!!
(20:30) Finally ... a conspiracy theory Harvey hates.
(24:30) Kelly argues in favor of Team Harvey.
(27:50) The plot thickens -- Dax's painted nails theory.
(32:00) Breaking news -- Mike's baby rolled over!
(36:20) Pat Sajak admits to being drunk on "Wheel" ... and Harvey admits to being drunk during the local news.
(46:00) Sophie's Choice of the day -- would you rather live in a house where people have been divorced ... or murdered?