TMZ Live Demi Moore 911 Call Filling in the Blanks

1/27/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Demi Moore 911 Call -- Filling in the Blanks

The Demi Moore 911 call paints a picture of what was going on in Demi's house the nght she was hospitalized -- including the fact Rumer was there. Authorities redacted some key parts of the tape, but we have all the details.

Plus, Hillary Clinton says she's quitting politics -- but we think it's actually the ultimate setup for her to become president in 2016! Also, the "Fear Factor" donkey semen challenge -- would you drink it in?

(0:00) The Demi Moore 911 tape was released today -- and reveals that her daughter Rumor was present at the time.
(2:30) We break down the most shocking parts of the call -- as well as the stuff that was cut out of it.
(12:30) "Utter confusion" in the call -- dispatchers couldn't figure out who was supposed to handle it.
(21:00) A Jewish temple tries to shame Mel Gibson into donating money ... and Harvey is totally on Mel's side.
(30:01) Time to talk about donkey semen!!!
(36:30) Want to know how to chug that much semen? Kelly's got you covered.
(41:30) Brandi Glanville says she knocked boots with Gerard Butler -- you gotta hear what he said when we asked him about it.
(44:00) Hillary Clinton -- on track to be the first female president? You better believe it ... if she doesn't quit politics first.