TMZ Live Whitney's Death Tub Photo Reveals Beauty Secret

2/14/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Whitney Houston's Death Tub Photo Reveals Beauty Secret

New details in the Whitney Houston death investigation -- and the photo of the bathtub where she died. Strange as it sounds ... something in that photo revealed a beauty secret which Harvey's totally on board with now.

Also, Ryan Seacrest joins us to talk about his absurd Valentine's Day plans including a cupid costume, a harp, and a GONG?!?!

Plus, Bobby Flay's last-minute V-Day recipes -- especially for hot chicks and the fat dudes who love them -- and the one Jeremy Lin nickname that probably crosses the line.

(2:10) Breaking news right off the bat -- Rumor Willis' home was burglarized.
(3:30) The tub in which Whitney Houston died -- leads to the strangest segment about using olive oil as body lotion.
(14:13) Ryan Seacrest calls in -- you won't believe what Harvey accidentally texted him today ... thanks to a really awkward auto-correct.
(16:20) Ryan's wearing the craziest outfit tonight that involves ... wait on it ... a GONG. 
(17:00) Did Seacrest really eat 145 chicken wings in one sitting?
(17:30) Celebrity chef Bobby Flay is on the phone -- he says more people cry on Valentine's Day than any other.
(33:00) Knicks superstar Jeremy Lin -- how many racist nicknames can one player have?
(47:30) All types of celebs rip Chris Brown -- wondering why a woman beater was given so much air time on the Grammys.