Warner Bros. Has 'Anger Management' Issues With Charlie Sheen

2/15/2012 10:35 AM PST

Warner Bros. Has 'Anger Management' Issues with Charlie Sheen

Warner Bros
. has fired off a cease and desist letter to Charlie Sheen and just about everyone else associated with his new TV show, claiming they're ripping off "Two and a Half Men" to sell "Anger Management."

Warner Bros. is pissed off because Charlie and company used "Two and a Half Men" photos in promotional material at a recent TV convention at the "Anger Management" booth. The purpose of the convention is to sell TV shows, and Warner Bros. is bent out of shape that Charlie and his team would have the audacity to use "Men" photos to help a competitor.

FYI -- one of the photos (above) shows bad-ass Charlie on a chopper ... before he blasted "Men" creator Chuck Lorre, calling him "a contaminated little maggot" and a "turd."

God we miss him.