TMZ Live Angelina's Oscars Leg Show ... All for a Dare?

2/27/2012 3:00 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Angelina Jolie's Oscars Leg Show ... All for a Dare?

Angelina Jolie's deliberate leg baring at the Oscars was either lame and desperate -- or perhaps ... a dare?? You gotta hear Harvey's theory and some pretty convincing evidence.

Plus, Diddy's "Black power" chant during NBA All-Star weekend -- innocent call back to the 60s, joke gone wrong ... or something more radical?

And ... Josh Sussman from "Glee" comes in for a "Connect 4" battle royale ... against TMZ's champ, Shevonne. Why did the loser blame Harvey and Charles? Watch and see!

(0:30) Angelina's awkward Oscar leg flash -- Harvey thinks there's way more to it than meets the eye.
(4:35) Gary and John don't buy Harvey's theory -- they think Angie just used her leg to high-jack the show.
(7:15) The most in-depth investigation into a nip slip ever -- as the guys try to figure out if J.Lo let one out or not.
(11:05) Ever wonder what Oscar winners do with the statue when they go to the bathroom? We know the answer ... and it stinks.
(15:30) Sean Young -- the biggest loser at the Oscars.
(17:45) Kate Upton -- the hottest Carl's Jr. girl of all?
(24:35) Diddy's "Black power" chant incites an argument between Brian and Harvey -- is there a difference between yelling Black power or white power?
(33:10) It's the "Connect 4" battle of the century -- Josh Sussman from "Glee" and Shevonne go head-to-head to crown the ultimate champion!