TMZ Live Jermaine Jones ... The Daddy Issue

3/13/2012 12:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Jermaine Jones ... The Daddy Issue

"American Idol" contestant Jermaine Jones is at the center of a big mess -- did his father really abandon him? JJ's dad says he's always been around, but folks at 'Idol' were told a different story. So, who's lying? Decide after you hear the facts straight from our reporters?

Plus, Shanna Moakler joins us -- are her and Travis Barker's kids cool with growing up vegan? No pizza??!! Also ... Rihanna's racy (and possibly racist) tweet -- we'll tell you if Chris Brown's new GF should really be worried.

(Oh, and BTW -- we hear ya ... tomorrow we'll leave our mics open during commercial breaks so you can hear all the fun.)

(1:30) Jermaine from "Idol" tried to drum up sympathy with a fake sob story ... and got busted.
(6:30) Everyone but Carly calls BS on "The Bachelor" double proposal ... which seemed more staged than a Britney concert.
(12:22) Miley steals her BF's thunder at the "Hunger Games" premiere.
(15:10) Cops investigate Russell Brand for allegedly snatching a phone ... it wouldn't be his first violent encounter with photogs.
(18:10) Courtney Love wages war with ... The Muppets?!?
(22:00) Kim K.'s blonde look -- the newsroom votes no.
(28:05) Shanna Moakler joins the show to talk about raising her kids vegan ... which some think is cruel and unusual punishment.
(33:20) Is "The Hunger Games" the new "Twilight"? "HG" star Kalie Prescott calls in to talk about seeing it for the first time.
(39:30) Faith Hill ... out with no makeup on.
(42:00) Rihanna's racist attack on Chris Brown's GF.