'American Idol' Pimping Out Contestants for New Disney Attraction

3/21/2012 5:30 AM PDT

'American Idol' -- Pimping Out Contestants for New Disney Attraction

The final 5 contestants on "American idol" better LOVE Disney World -- because once the show is over, they'll be working their asses off at the Happiest Place on Earth ... at least temporarily.

According to one of the contestant's contracts, obtained by TMZ, each of the final 5 contestants is required to put in a day's work post-"Idol" at the new American Idol Experience at Disney World -- taping a performance for later use on the attraction.

Lucky for them, they're not working for free -- according to the deal, the 2nd through 5th place contestants will earn $50,000 for the day's work ... much more than most Disney employees can say.

But the deal gets a little trickier for whoever wins "Idol" this season -- that person is required not only to tape a performance for the attraction ... he or she is also required to participate in a commercial and make an in-person appearance at Disney world to help promote the attraction.

The good news -- the winner gets paid handsomely for the job ... $200,000.

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