DeadMau5 Madonna Feud Was THE WORST

3/31/2012 4:40 AM PDT

DeadMau5 -- Madonna Feud Was THE WORST

Seems Deadmau5 is experiencing a little post-feud remorse ... admitting things didn't go exactly as planned in his cyber-feud with Madonna.

The super DJ was at Pearson International Airport in Canada yesterday ... when he was asked about the Madonna thing ... and he replied, "How is it?! It's terrible."

As we previously reported, Deadmau5 had accused the singer of promoting drug use at a recent electronic music festival ... but Madge fired back, claiming he totally misinterpreted her comments ... and scolded him for not addressing his gripe privately.

Now, it's obvious Deadmau5 just wants the controversy to go away ... saying, "It's just a little trite ... everyone will forget about it."