TMZ Live Coroner's Whitney Report -- "Face Down" in Bathtub

4/4/2012 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Coroner's Whitney Houston Report Released -- Found 'Face Down' in Bathtub

All new bombshells about Whitney Houston's death started flying the moment the L.A. County Coroner's report was released -- and we broke the news first. Watch how it went down in the TMZ newsroom.

Plus, why's Mary J. Blige catching so much flack for that Burger King chicken ad? We don't get it ... and neither does Flavor Flav ... who called in to defend Mary!

Also, Lisa Vanderpump joins us with the scoop on her spinoff show -- and dentist to the stars Dr. Bill Dorfman oddly changes his story about hoarding celeb teeth. Hmm ...

(0:30) Mary J Blige's chicken commercial draws fire for stereotyping Black people -- Harvey argues against the criticism.
(3:30) Flavor Flav -- who owns a chicken joint -- calls in ... he's on Harvey's side.
(10:03) Lisa Vanderpump calls in to talk about her new show -- and Harvey asks her about the time she "molested" him.
(13:30) Katie vs. Sarah doesn't pan out.
(15:55) Nic Cage ... the $6 mil debt payoff.
(18:21) Dr. Dorfman totally backtracks on his claim that he keeps celebrity teeth.
(24:50) Transgender Miss Universe contestant -- soaking up attention with new drama.
(33:10) Breaking news -- the Whitney Houston autopsy report was just released ... and there a shocking details inside.
(35:10) Evidence that Whitney was freebasing cocaine was found in the room.
(40:10) Whitney was found FACE DOWN in the tub.