Donna Summer The Funeral Program

5/23/2012 1:30 PM PDT

Donna Summer -- The Funeral Program


TMZ has obtained a copy of Donna Summer's funeral program -- detailing the order of events currently taking place at the private ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to the document, Donna's family -- her sisters especially -- are heavily involved in the proceedings, singing "We've Come This Far By Faith." Donna's brother Ricky Gaines is also speaking.

According to the program, several of Donna's girlfriends will share anecdotal "girlfriend stories."

Famed music producer David Foster -- who produced a lot of music with Donna -- is participating in a song called "The Prayer."

If you're wondering who Rick Dohler is -- that's Donna's daughter's husband.

The program also includes a Psalm dedicated to Donna about "a wife of noble character."