Dina Lohan Tapped for VH1 Show About 'Famous' Ex-Wives

5/30/2012 12:50 AM PDT

Dina Lohan -- Tapped for VH1 Reality Show About Famous Ex-Wives

Dina Lohan will share a state with the ex-wives of Prince, Will Smith, R. Kelly and Eddie Murphy on a new reality show. To quote "Sesame Street," "One of these things is not like the other."

The VH1 show is called "Hollywood Exes."  We found out Dina is shooting several episodes, but is not a full-blown member of the cast.  Sources connected with the show tell us ... producers brought Dina in because she's friends with members of the cast and she can "spice things up."

But here's the problem. In the spice department, Dina's cupboard is bare, because Lindsay Lohan will NOT be appearing on the show.

On the bright side, Dina can give lots of child-rearing tips.