Sacha Baron Cohen I'm NOT Facing Deportation

6/20/2012 12:30 AM PDT

Sacha Baron Cohen -- I'm NOT Facing Deportation

Sacha Baron Cohen is adamant -- he is not a wanted man in 2 U.S. states and doesn't currently face deportation ... despite reports to the contrary.

Reports surfaced Sunday ... alleging "The Dictator" star is wanted by police in both Kansas and Arizona over scenes he shot for "Bruno" and "Borat" -- and faces deportation if he steps foot in those states.

According to the reports, Cohen lives in fear of being deported from the US over outstanding arrest warrants. Cohen is quoted as saying, "There are towns in certain states that I can't shoot in. If I get arrested my visa could be taken away."

But a rep for the actor tells TMZ the articles are TOTAL BS ... the reports are FALSE ... there are no arrest warrants whatsoever.

High five.