Octomom From Dropping Babies ... to Dropping Rhymes!

7/9/2012 4:00 AM PDT

Octomom Releasing Dance Song -- From Dropping Babies to Dropping Rhymes!


has been a porn star, a horror film actress and a bankruptcy filer ... and now she can add one more title to that list -- SINGER -- because the mom of 14 is releasing a DANCE SONG!!!!

Octo signed a recording deal with Global Groove Entertainment and already cut a dance track called "Get on the Dance Floor" that features Octo both singing AND rapping ... no joke.

The song is being produced by two guys named DJ Mr. Mig and Mike Rizzo ... both of whom have worked with HUGE artists like Britney Spears, Usher, Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

Sources tell us ... the recording gig came about thanks to Octo's sex tape. We're told she felt so liberated after filming the self-pleasure video, she wanted to find another way to express herself.

We're told she took the job super seriously ... taking two whole voice lessons to prepare. Check her out recording (above) with singer Adam Barta -- who's also featured on the tune.

The song will be released August 1st ... so mark your calendars as the day music died.