TMZ Live Jennifer Lopez Ditches ... Seacrest Left Holding Bag

7/13/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Jennifer Lopez Ditches ... Seacrest Left Holding the Bag

TMZ Live

Jennifer Lopez bails on "American Idol" one day after Steven Tyler quit -- and Randy Jackson is hanging by a thread ... potentially leaving Ryan Seacrest all alone. How can 'Idol' survive huge changes? We've got a few ideas.

Plus, U.S. Olympians party their faces off! On the heels of soccer star Hope Solo's drunk confession -- snowboarder Louie Vito calls in to reveal the truth about sex and booze binging in the Olympic Village.

Also, God bless Paulina Gretzky. She's using the Kim Kardashian formula for success, but she's doing it without a sex tape ... so far.

(0:00) Jennifer Lopez announces she's bailing on "American Idol" one day after Steven Tyler threw in the towel ... and it looks like Randy Jackson may be out as well. So... what now?
(8:00) A bunch of people called 911 on Justin Bieber's crazy car chase ... but not one of them described his crazy chromed-out Fisker Karma the same way ... and we have the hilarious audio to prove it.
(10:00) Tom Cruise isn't paying Katie Holmes a huge lump sum as part of their divorce -- just a pile of child support.
(15:10) We ask Oprah Winfrey if Tom Cruise's couch jumping incident killed his marriage ... and her reaction is priceless.
(19:00) Tragic news -- Michael Clarke Duncan suffered a heart attack last night. The good news -- his girlfriend Omarosa was there to save his life.
(20:20) One of the dumbest lawsuits we've ever seen -- a woman sues Justin Bieber because she said she lost her hearing at one of his concerts .... because of all the young girls' high-pitched screaming.
(23:00) R.I.P. Charlie Sheen's Twitter account.
(28:00) US soccer goalie Hope Solo admits she was drunk on the "Today" show in 2008 after winning a gold medal.
(28:55) Former Olympian Louie Vito calls in -- and explains how the Olympic village is a breeding ground for sex and drinking.
(32:00) Did David Letterman ruin the end of the "The Dark Knight Rises"?
(35:00) Usher wants to call a truce with his ex after her son died in a tragic jet ski accident ... but he's not exactly going about it the right way.
(37:25) Paulina Gretzky ... we salute your non-stop barrage of sexy twitpics.
(42:10) We take your calls!