TMZ Live James Holmes Portrait of the 'Batman' Shooter

7/20/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: James Holmes -- Portrait of the 'Batman' Shooter

TMZ Live

James Holmes breaks the mold on shooting spree suspects -- and our extensive research on the "Dark Knight Rises" gunman proves it. We'll tell you what we've uncovered about his college days, his relationship with neighbors, and the elaborate booby trap in his apartment.

Plus, 2 survivors from the Colorado movie theater call in to tell their chilling accounts of the shooting, and the chaos they witnessed as Holmes opened fire.

Also ... will YOU go to the movies this weekend? That's the question millions of people are facing -- and we've got everyone voicing their opinion.
(0:00) Tragedy strikes Colorado again -- we have all the latest details on the "Dark Knight Rises" shooting.
(2:30) You have to hear this -- a man who in the second row of the movie theater when James Holmes burst in and starting shooting calls in. His story in unbelievable.
(8:30) Another survivor -- and former soldier -- of the tragedy calls in -- he talks about how bullets ripped through the walls of the adjacent theater, and how he helped the wounded as they escaped the complex.
(14:30) James Holmes backstory doesn't fit the usual criteria for a mass murderer.
(17:00) James clearly planned this out -- because he booby-trapped his apartment with explosives.
(22:00) Warner Brothers cancelled the Paris premiere of the movie -- and has been pretty quiet about the tragedy so far.
(23:00) Has the shooting made people scared to go to the movies? We let our viewers answer this one.
(28:00) James used a bunch of powerful weapons -- including a assault rifle called an AR15 ... and it packs a serious punch.
(32:50) Tyler saw the movie last night -- and sees more of a connection between James and The Joker than Bane.
(36:00) Changing pace for a minute -- Fred Willard has a legal loophole that could help him escape a conviction for his lewd conduct arrest.
(40:20) We take your calls!