Axl Rose Ex-Wife Backs Singer -- Axl Didn't Graffiti My Home

9/28/2012 4:00 AM PDT

Axl Rose's Ex-Wife Backs Him Up -- Axl Didn't Graffiti My House!


They're divorced, but Axl Rose's ex-wife still has the Guns 'N Roses singer's back -- insisting Axl NEVER tagged her house with vengeful graffiti ... and now, she's also going after the artist behind the allegations.

Axl's ex Erin Everly just sent a cease and desist letter to L.A. photographer Laura London, reiterating what Axl said in his own cease and desist letter to the artist -- Axl did NOT spray paint his wife's garage door with the message "Sweet Child o' DIE."

In the letter, Erin's attorney writes, "Ms. Everly unequivocally denies that Axl Rose ever painted those statements on her garage door."

London claims she took the photograph of the vandalized garage door back when she was Axl's neighbor many years ago. According to London, Axl had spray painted the message during a fight with Everly.

London is currently displaying the photograph in an exhibit in Downtown L.A. called "Once Upon a Time ... Axl Rose Was My Neighor."

Sources close to Everly tells us ... neighborhood kids were responsible for the damage, NOT Axl.