Tony Scott 911 Calls 'There's a Man Who Just Jumped'

10/2/2012 6:52 AM PDT

Tony Scott 911 Calls -- 'There's a Man Who Just Jumped'


TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed moments after famed "Top Gun" director Tony Scott jumped to his death from an L.A. bridge in August.

One of the callers told the 911 operator, "We're driving on the Vincent Thomas Bridge and there's a man who just jumped off the bridge into the ocean."

The caller, who was pretty calm, says she witnessed the whole thing ... and described the man as a bald white man who appeared to be in his 30s.

"He was at the very highest point of the bridge."

Another caller phoned 911 before Tony jumped ... and chronicled Tony's climb to the top of the bridge.

As we reported, 68-year-old Scott leaped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge on August 19th in broad daylight and in full view of several boaters.

Reports surfaced following Scott's death that brain cancer was the reason behind the suicide -- but Scott family sources have told TMZ that isn't the case ... Scott didn't even have brain cancer.

A suicide note was left on the scene, but it does not explain any motive behind the suicide.