'Blood In Blood Out' Star I Did NOT Rape My German Baby Mama

10/7/2012 9:30 AM PDT

'Blood In Blood Out' Star Damian Chapa Sues -- I Did NOT Rape My German Baby Mama


The star of the 1993 breakout crime-drama "Blood In Blood Out" is suing his German baby mama ... claiming she falsely accused him of rape and got him arrested in the process -- nearly ruining his life.

The lawsuit is pretty insane ... 48-year-old Damian Chapa (who also starred as Ken in the "Street Fighter" movie) claims he met Roxanna Foell in Germany in 2006 at the Berlin Film Festival.

According to the lawsuit, the two hit it off, traveling around Europe together for several months -- enjoying a "very passionate" and "consensual" sexual relationship -- before moving to Damian's California apartment later that year.

Around that time, Damian says he learned Roxanna was pregnant with his child, but when he asked her to marry him ... she dropped a BOMB, confessing she was ALREADY MARRIED to a dude in Germany.

According to the suit, Roxanna swore she'd divorce her husband -- but when it sunk in that Damian wasn't a rich Hollywood celeb, she reconciled with her hubby and moved back to Germany.

Damian says his son was born in 2007, and Roxanna made it HELL for him to see the boy.

Damian claims he filed a paternity suit to get visitation, and Roxanna reacted  by telling German police he had RAPED her -- so when Damian arrived in Europe to visit his son, he was placed under arrest. He claims he was in custody for 7 WEEKS.

Damian wants at least  $1.3 million in damages.  Attempts to reach Roxanna were unsuccessful.