TMZ Live Elmo Sales Screwed for the Holidays?

11/21/2012 11:30 AM PST

TMZ Live: Elmo Sales -- Screwed for the Holidays?

TMZ Live

The Kevin Clash scandal already cost Elmo his voice -- but now will the controversy cost "Sesame Street" millions in sales with the holiday shopping season about to begin? Should it?

Plus, Donald Trump ripped the wrong CEO when he accused the UNICEF honcho of tooling around in a Rolls-Royce. Caryl M. Stern called in to set Donald straight.

Also, Kim Kardashian shoots down wedding news -- about her sister -- and gets dissed by one of the most powerful men in America. No, not Kanye.
(0:00) Security video emerges of the Mike Epps club brawl -- but there's no sign of the gun shot everyone was freaking out about.
(6:30) Elmo sales show no signs of stopping after the Kevin Clash controversy.
(10:00) Kim Kardashian shoots down reports that Kourtney and Scott got engaged. Mike explains why it didn't make sense in the first place.
(15:00) Jon Bon Jovi's daughters alleged overdose on heroin has us thinking -- do parents who've experimented with drugs have kids who are more likely to do the same?
(18:00) Donald Trump rips the CEO of UNICEF on Twitter -- and got his facts totally wrong. The CEO of UNICEF Caryl Stern calls in to set the record strait.
(25:00) A "Price is Right" model wins big after suing the show for sexual harassment.
(28:10) James Spader says President Obama is facing the same tough times that President Lincoln did ... and Harvey is furious at the comparison.
(35:00) Barnes and Noble CEO says he doesn't read actual books ... only digital ones. Is he nuts ... or just preparing for the inevitable?
(38:01) Jesse Jackson Jr. steps down from his post in Chicago. So we talk to one of the guys he beat in the race -- Marcus Lewis -- and the guy is beside himself. You have to hear his motto for the upcoming race. It's a doozy.
(41:00) The floor is yours!