TMZ Live Matt Lauer Getting Heat from Today Fans

12/27/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Matt Lauer -- Feeling Heat from 'Today' Fans

TMZ Live

Matt Lauer's miserable on the job because 'Today' fans are so pissed about Ann Curry's demise ... they're screaming at him on the streets of NYC! Is Matt just the fall guy for NBC's bad planning ... or does he deserve the blame?

Plus, "Django Unchained" has some people -- like Spike Lee -- pissed off because the n-word is spewed 110 times during the movie. Is it offensive, overkill ... or historically accurate? We uncovered some surprising details about the movie AND Spike.

And Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth pulled a fast one ... at the altar! At least that's what inspector Dax is taking from their Christmas pics. 

0:00 - New Yorkers have been blasting Matt Lauer with names and insults lately... but is he really to blame for Ann Curry's firing?
10:18 - President Obama hits the links on vacation in Hawaii, but one of the players in his foursome is raising eyebrows.
15:26 - Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth's engagement is no secret... but are they hiding something much, much bigger? Inspector Dax extrapolates!
19:48 - We've all seen Clipper superstar Blake Griffin in his funny Kia commercials-- should we be surprised to see him driving something a little nicer? (And bigger?)
25:42 - Sarah Silverman has some words for Spike Lee as he boycotts 'Django Unchained.'
33:29 - Russell Simmons frolics on the beach with not one, but TWO of his flames. (Halle Berry, take note.)
36:34 - President Obama gets his Led out with Michelle at The Kennedy Center Honors.
38:00 - We take your calls and comments!