Chris Brown 10 Questions Judge Should Ask Mark Geragos

2/6/2013 11:20 AM PST

Chris Brown -- 10 Questions Judge Should Ask Mark Geragos

Chris Brown and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, are hours away from facing the judge in his Rihanna probation case, and they have a lot of explaining to do ... after the D.A. is strongly suggesting the community service he allegedly performed was a gigantic scam.  So here are 10 questions Judge Brandlin might want to ask Mr. Geragos:

1. Why did you tell the probation dept. the L.A. judge wanted the Richmond PD to handle Chris Brown's community service (D.A. says the judge never ordered that)?

2. How did Chris' mom end up supervising his community service?

3. Can you explain why Chris said he was picking up trash in Richmond at the same time he was on a private jet to Cancun?

4. Why did you instruct the lawyer for the Richmond PD on how to answer questions from L.A. County D.A. investigators?

5. How involved were you in Chris' community service?

6. The guy who waxes floors at the Richmond Children's Center says no one but him has waxed floors in the last 3 years -- yet Chris swore he did.  Is the floor waxer a liar?

7. Why does your client get into so much trouble -- Frank Ocean fight, Drake fight, GMA tantrum, allegedly stealing cell phone, etc.?

8. Why do you think the D.A. is out to get your client?

9.  Do you think Chris is rehabilitated?

10. How confident are you that Chris won't fly off the handle again and hurt someone?

The hearing starts at 2 PM PT.  We'll be there.